5 Ways YOU Can Improve Your Finances!

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So often I hear, "can you just fix my finances for me?".
While it would be great if it was possible for this to be true, there are things that you need to know and understand.  That's why I didn't just put another document together.  I wanted to speak to you and show you what to do.  What I also take you through is what I did and what worked for me.
We are all individuals, and part of this journey is getting to know yourself better, so you can make better and more informed decisions that are aligned with who you are, what you want and why. 
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As a mum myself, I'm fully aware of the mum-life juggle, and having my daughter is what really propelled me further on the money and self-discovery path.  It has been a long road and I really don't want other women to take this long.  I'm also aware that talking and learning about money has a lot to do with the inner work that we need to do, to make sure that the outer, money work actually "sticks".

A little bit about my story - I started out as a tax accountant and moved into management consulting and then studied financial planning.  It was then that I realised how much we aren't taught about personal finance, and as I started helping friends and family to start with I also realised the personal "stuff" that needs to be worked on!  So my approach is very wholistic - helping you identify your Core Values and Lifestyle Vision, then working on your limiting beliefs and money stories, as well as your habits and goals.  I use a profiling tool to help you understand how you think, particularly when you're stressed.  Then comes the money work - by then you are set up, clear and ready to take action!

My Mission is to help as many women as possible understand themselves and how money plays out in their lives, so they can build wealth, live their life on their terms, and make the impact in the world they dream of!
Change will never happen unless you DO something!