Elevate  Your Money Vibration

30 Daily Practices to Set You up for Ease and Abundance


Would you like to feel relaxed and clear about your finances?

Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed when it comes to how money is showing up in your business and personal life?

There is a lot going on in the world, both physically and energetically at the moment, and having a "system reset" can be just what you need to bring your energy back into alignment with what you want.

While money is a tool that we use in our lives, it consumes a lot of our energy because we often associate our worth and success with how much money we have and are making.

Plus, money is important to live a comfortable life and do the things we want to do, and at the level of impact that we want to have!

Life, and particularly business, is like personal development on steroids.  So much is thrown at us on any given day, and sometimes we lose sight of what it is we want from our business and life, and WHY we want it.

That is why I created "Elevate Your Money Vibration: 30 Daily Practices", to help you:

  • take some time to gain clarity, so you can align the direction and decisions you are making with the direction you actually want to head;
  • focus on what matters and filter out the noise that constantly surrounds you;
  • remind yourself to let your intuition and zone of genius guide you;
  • energise yourself for the year ahead.

The focus of this program is to give you tools, strategies on a daily basis, so you have regular reminders, in bite sized chunks.

It's almost like personal training, with me gently nudging and holding the space for you every day for 30 days.



Know what you need to do, when and in what order of priority.


Feel calm and confident because you know what to do with your finances.


Actions and reminders on a daily basis to help keep you on track.

You don't need to be able to do a Yoga Bridge:
You just need 10 minutes per day for 30 days

So much of running a business is our mindset.  Think of how far you have come, and what you still want to accomplish.  What I love about us women is our tenacity and focus on impact.  Because we care so much about what we do, there is a need for support and self-care (both personally and professionally).

Here is what you can expect from this program:

  • Instant access, with a¬†welcome email and a downloadable¬†Money Vibration Playbook¬†that you can use to play along over the next 30 days
  • Every day¬†for 30 days you will receive an email with a link to a¬†video, which will be between 5 and 10 minutes, for you to watch and listen to, alongside the Playbook
  • Special surprise bonuses along the way.

 Topics include:

  • Money Identity and Stories
  • Money Beliefs
  • Money Thoughts and Perceptions
  • The importance of language
  • How assumptions hold you back
  • Money Rituals.

So what does all this mean for you?

  • Greater clarity¬†on the direction you want the year to take
  • More aligned decisions when it comes to money
  • Feeling of¬†calm, knowing that you are focusing on money in a more abundant way
  • More time to enjoy life as you are setting yourself up for aligned success!

All this for only $47!


Because I want to make this as accessible as possible, the cost has been kept to $47 for this 30-Day program. 

Recognising that money has energy, and that we tend to value things that we pay for more, there is a cost.

I'm passionate about money education and I'm very much aware that it is not just our mindset, but also the energy we bring to money that impacts the experiences we have, both in our business and personal life.

Money can also feel incredibly overwhelming, so having daily encouragement and a reminder of things to do is me supporting and nudging you.

You will receive instant access to this program, and keep your access for as long as you need it.

At the end, you will feel energised, motivated and clear on what you need to do to either plan or take action on the plans you have made!


About Alpha

As a mum myself, I'm fully aware of the mum-life juggle, and having my daughter is what really propelled me further on the money and self-discovery path.  Money is about more than just the mechanics of what to do.  Much of what holds many of us back is the energy we have towards money, which is holding you back.  That's why I created this program - to inspire, motivate and guide you through practices to help you raise your money energy, so you can create the abundance you want.

A little bit about my story and the journey that brought me to create this course and program - I started out as a tax accountant and moved into management consulting and then studied financial planning.  It was then that I realised how much we aren't taught about personal finance, and as I started helping friends and family to start with, I also realised the personal "stuff" that needs to be worked on and shifted!  So, my approach is very wholistic - helping you identify your Core Values and Lifestyle Vision, then working on your limiting beliefs and money stories, as well as your habits and goals. Then comes the money work - by then you are set up, clear and ready to take action!