Welcome to Money Essentials for Business Owners!

Set up the Systems and Processes to feel less stressed about money and live the life you want!


Do you want to set up Money Systems and Processes so you can feel less overwhelmed about money, and actually enjoy life?  I will also show you how to TAILOR the systems to your meet your preferences!

Too many times I hear a story like this - "Not long ago I received an unexpected bill [often it's a tax bill] for $75,000.  I didn't know how it happened, or how I was going to pay it!".

This situation doesn't need to happen - having money systems and processes in place is how to make sure that it doesn't happen.

Most likely you started your business because you wanted to have a better lifestyle and/or follow your passion.  Then came the reality of all the different hats you had to wear, including being a "finance guru".

The thing is, we aren't taught about money, and especially not business finances!

When I was a corporate tax accountant, I worked with so many clients who struggled with their money management, and had no systems in place.  Especially managing their cashflow.  Much of the finance industry is focused on compliance, which is important.  However, money management is also extremely important.

What is Money Management, you might be asking? It's managing your cashflow (what money comes in and what money goes out), both in your business and personal life, so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want.

What are Money Systems? A structured and consistent way to see what money you have at any given time, alongside a way to put money aside for the expenses that you need AND the things you want (think Profit First that is simpler to implement).

You can run a successful business that makes money so you can enjoy life - go on holidays, spend time with your family, AND take time for yourself!

That is what the 12-week program, Money Essentials for Business Owners helps you to do.  Get your money systems in place (which you will be shown how to adapt for your situation) and humming by the end of the 12 weeks.

 Can you relate to this?

  • You have been in business for a few years, and built your business to a certain level, and now need¬†money systems¬†so you can scale your business¬†and make more money.

  • You realise that you can't outsource managing your money to anyone else (be it a professional or a partner), and you know that you need money systems to¬†understand what is going on with your money. No one cares about your money as much as you do!

  • You don't know what your¬†retirement numbers¬†are - how much you need to retire, and when you can have the choice to retire.

  • You are making a¬†profit, but the¬†cash in your bank account doesn't reflect this¬†and you don't know why.
  • You don't know how to¬†link your business finances with your personal finances, so you can¬†pay your bills with less stress.
  • You are¬†time poor¬†and want to¬†systemise¬†and¬†automate¬†as much of your finances as possible, so you can focus on¬†building your business.

  • You want¬†templates¬†that work¬†so you can improve how you manage your money and have more¬†financial certainty and consistency.¬† No more stressing about how to pay for bills that you weren't expecting!

A few final questions:

  • Do you want tailored money systems and processes that will work specifically for you and your business and lifestyle?
  • Do you want to know your numbers, so you won't run out of money in retirement?
  • Are you ready to take your business and lifestyle to the next level?
  • Do you want to break free of all those mental barriers (and suffocating stereotypes) so YOU can control your mindset?¬†

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, then Money Essentials for Business Owners is for you!


How is this program different from the Accountant, Bookkeeper and/or Financial Advisor that I already have?

Accountant & Bookkeeper

Your accountant and bookkeeper are focused on making sure you meet your compliance requirements (like your BAS and Income Tax Return).  Plus, they will make sure that you have a Profit & Loss Statement and other documents like this. 

Money Strategy, Money Systems and Money Management are not typically services that they offer.

Financial Advisor

Your Financial Advisor is focused on your overall financial plan, including asset protection, insurances and investment plans.  Future wealth creation strategies and plans is where they primarily will help you. 

They also aren't typically able to provide services in the Money Systems and Money Management space.

This Program

Money Essentials for Business Owners is focussed on making sure that you build systems to manage your money.  This includes making sure that your business is funding the lifestyle that you actually want.  Money Mindset plays a part in this, which is why it's the first module that is covered.  

Managing your money is not something you can outsource to anyone, so this program is here to help show you what to do and give you the tools and templates to do it.  PLUS, you will also be shown how to tailor the templates to suit YOUR specific preferences.

Here is what is included...

One-on-One Introduction Call

Once you join, you will be sent a link to book in for your one-on-one 30 minute session with Alpha, either in person or over Zoom.  The purpose of this session is to help understand where you are at and what will help you get the most out of this program.

Fortnightly Live Masterclasses

Six live Masterclasses, that each focus on a different topic (such as money mindset, money strategy, budgeting, trends and decision making).  Each masterclass will be recorded in case you can't attend, and will remain there for you. The active component of this program runs for 12 weeks.

Tools & Resources

There is a library of templates, calculators and frameworks to help support you, in addition to the recordings from the Live Sessions. These are accessible anytime. 

Discounted Mentoring

Ability to purchase discounted private sessions with Alpha, if you need some extra help. You may want some more hand holding - and that's completely OK!



A Private Facebook Group, is also available to you so you can ask questions and share stories with other members (there’s nothing like having a supportive community!)!

Option for Ongoing Support 

If, at the end of the 12 weeks you would like to continue receiving support and help with managing your money systems, the Enriched Life Club is available as an extra option.


What is covered?

Here are the 6 modules, which will be presented live each fortnight over the 12 week program:


Two Investment Options


There are 2 options for investing in this program (valued at $1,497):

  1. Four x monthly instalments of $130 per month (in AUD, including GST); or
  2. One upfront investment of $497 (in AUD, including GST).

Money Essentials for Small Business opens 3 times a year.  There are a few reasons for this:

  1. The program is run live, so everyone in the same in-take will go through the content at the same time.  The program runs for 12 weeks, although you can still access the content after this;
  2. Provide you with more attention and personalised direction as soon as you join, so you can gain value as quickly as possible.

Special Introductory pricing!  This is the last time this program will be offered at this low price!  The value of this program is $1,497, because on average I help clients save $3,000 per year!

4 x Instalments


(Total = $520 in AUD)

  • One-on-one¬†Session with Alpha (30 mins)
  • Money mindset tools & strategies
  • Money systems templates & tools
  • How to customise the systems
  • 6 x¬†Live¬†Masterclasses over 12 weeks
  • Private Facebook group
  • Discounted private mentoring
  • Option for ongoing support.

 Includes GST

Program commences Monday 5 August





  • One-on-one¬†Session with Alpha (30 mins)
  • Money mindset tools & strategies
  • Money systems templates & tools
  • How to customise the systems
  • 6 x¬†Live¬†Masterclasses over 12 weeks
  • Private Facebook group
  • Discounted private mentoring
  • Option for ongoing support.

 Includes GST

Program commences Monday 5 August


About Alpha

As a mum myself, I'm fully aware of the mum-life juggle, and having my daughter is what really propelled me further on the money and self-discovery path.  It has been a long road and I really don't want other women to take this long.  I'm also aware that talking and learning about money can be a bit confronting, so I designed this program to allow you to work on yourself and your money journey in a way that works for you.  There is also group support and one-on-one time with me (Alpha).

A little bit about my story and the journey that brought me to create this program - I started out as a corporate tax accountant and moved into management consulting and then studied financial planning.  It was then that I realised how much we aren't taught about personal finance and business finance, and the more women I worked with, I also realised the personal "stuff" that needs to be worked on!  So my approach is very wholistic - helping you identify your Lifestyle Vision, then working on your limiting beliefs and money stories, as well as your habits and goals.  By then you are set up, clear and ready to take action!