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Life Admin Hacks

Nov 08, 2023

Being an adult can often feel just plain hard - especially as a woman, a mum and a business owner.  There is SO much to do.  Life Admin is also something we don't really acknowledge to the fullest extent of its impact.  

We realise there is housework, taking care of the kids, taking care of parents, taking care of the household in general.  Life Admin forms a HUGE part of this.

Over a glass of wine, Mia Northrop and her good friend Dinah Rowe Roberts were lamenting all the "stuff" that just needs to get done, and they decided to do a lot of work and research to put together the amazingly helpful book, "Life Admin Hacks".  

From making Meal Planning easier, to managing calendars, passwords, paperwork, etc.  This book is such a great resource for any woman!

Have a listen to my interview with Mia here.