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Intuitive Decision Making - Blending Business Acumen with Spiritual Wisdom

Oct 18, 2023

Can you be both spiritual and a successful business woman?  ABSOLUTELY!

How you practice spirituality is part of your journey and we all evolve in this space.  It goes beyond personal development, and into the realm of "being" and "receiving".  

There is a peace and calm that goes with bringing spirituality into business, which is not always easy. 

Allowing versus hustling.  This level of faith can feel challenging, and it's something I have had to work on.

Part of this blending of the spiritual and business impacts how we make decisions in our business - who we work with, what we offer, how we offer it. And our decision making style grows and evolves with us as we pursue the journey of enlightenment.

Recognising that it is a part of who you are is important, and then you can also recognise that in order to amplify your impact and make decisions that will support your growth, you need to be aware of your numbers.  The financial side becomes important as a tool for growth.

There is then energy that is injected in how you see money and how it shows up for you in your business.  This blends the spiritual and business beautifully.

The thing is, once we release our pre-conceived ideas and follow our intuition, we end of developing products and services that are more aligned with who we are, and who we like to work with.  We then are clearer on our messaging, which then attracts those people we like to work with!

How do you do this though?

Daily rituals, such as:

  • Journalling
  • Meditation
  • Scheduling time for tasks
  • Prioritising your Top 3 tasks at the beginning of each day
  • Regular Exercise
  • Sleep at least 7 hours a night
  • Drink enough water.

While these don't necessarily all seem like ways to connect with your spirituality, there is a blend here of time management and just plain time.  Giving yourself the space and time to just "be" is important, especially in this fast-paced world.

Start with this, and you will develop and grow at the pace and in the direction that is right for you.