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What We Pay Attention To Improves

Feb 21, 2024

Have you ever noticed that where our attention goes gets the best results?  Be it our relationships, our health, our business, and our money!

Imagine if you ignored your friends, or your kids or your partner or your clients.  Those relationships would all deteriorate pretty quickly.

Your relationship with money works the same way.

Staying fit and healthy is something important to me, as it gives me energy and I feel stronger and more able to do fun things with my daughter.  Earlier this year I caught a nasty virus and it meant that I couldn't exercise for over a month.  It felt awful!

Then I started to get back into exercise and goodness it felt hard.  My strength had reduced and my cardio fitness meant I was panting while cycling up a small hill that used to be easy.

Sticking with it and pushing through to get back to where I was (and better) is worth it.

Finances can feel difficult to get started with.  Pushing through the discomfort is worth it though.

Here are some ways you can get started, and begin to make small steps to improving your relationship with money:

  1. Automate regular savings into an account earmarked for the unexpected (often called an Emergency Fund)
  2.  Automate regular investing - be it into shares or into a micro investing account (I have a free guide to micro-investing here)
  3. Look at your income each month and your expenses and see where you can streamline your expenses
  4. Look at ways to increase your income
  5. Make sure you are paying yourself (both profit and salary) as a business owner.

These are a few ways to pay more attention to your finances and begin to improve your relationship with money.