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Money Mind Fuel

Dec 06, 2023

While the words "Money Mind Fuel" might seem a bit abstract, the concept behind it is simple - do you give your mind the right fuel to make sure that your money mindset is helping you, rather than hindering you?

What do I mean by fuel you might be thinking?  Well, good thing you asked.  There are 5 main components that contribute to a mind that is fueled up with the right elements to help you experience more joy and ease when it comes to money.

1. Language

What words are you using to talk to yourself and others around money?  Do you even talk about it, or do you completely avoid the concept of money because you don't know where to start, or you don't know what to do after you start?  Or, you don't think you'll like what you find when you do pay attention to money?

While avoidance is completely natural, it isn't serving you.  Knowing something is better than knowing nothing, as then you can actually take the right action.

So, pay attention to the language you are using.  For instance, you might say to yourself "I know I should know my numbers, but I'll let my accountant handle it".  No one is more impacted by how money shows up in your life than you are, so if you don't already know, become educated - ask your accountant.  It's important that you know what is going on. 

2. Assumptions

We make assumptions to fill in the blanks for a situation where we don't have all the information.  Rather than waiting or asking for the additional information, we make something up.  Literally.

We make things up about what people are thinking and feeling, what their behaviour means or what they will or won't do in a given scenario.  It's very external, and means we know more about the other person that they do!

As a result, assumptions can create very limiting situations, both mentally and in reality.  We stop ourselves from doing something (like checking in on a client), or we do something (like get a bit too pushy with a client) based on an incorrect assumption.  

They impact our ability to communication effectively, and are creator of conflict (most of the time).

So, see where you are making assumptions that haven't worked for you, and working on becoming aware of when you are making them.  When in doubt, ask and always be authentic.

3. Sleep

Let's face it, none of us functions at our best when we are tired.  Lack of sleep impacts our ability to gain perspective and make decisions.

So, make sure that you are getting enough good sleep each night.  And, unless you are a night owl, it's best to do anything money-related when you are refreshed in the first part of the day (after a good night's sleep).

4. Nutrition

Just as our minds need regular attention, food feeds our bodies and minds and gives us the energy and resilience to manage what comes our way.  Physical movement goes hand in hand with this too.

Make sure you are eating the rights foods for your body, time of life and level of activity. This will then help keep your mind healthy, so you can more easily manage your beliefs and habits that will support you living the life you want.

5. Support

Support is incredibly important, as life is full of ups and downs.  It's important to have the right people around you so you can ask for advice, support, a kick up the pants, and anything else that you need (coming from a place of love and true support).

One way to do this is through paid masterminds.  They are made up of like-minded people who are experiencing or have experienced what you are going through and can add some perspective and either coaching or mentoring.  They can also help with accountability, which is a very helpful motivational tool!

Having team can also help with providing support.

Ask for help, and learn how to receive (this is something I'm definitely still working on), as we all need help.

The most important part of mindset is to be aware of the fact that it's an ongoing, day to day process of growth and development, and it never stops.  Embrace it, and make it part of your world.