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In case you need to refocus already (like me)

Jan 24, 2024

How is your 2024 going so far?

If you're like me, it started out smoothly enough, and then started to falter a bit.  Not because I wasn't clear on the things I wanted the year to bring, or what I needed to do.

I got sick, and my energy just disappeared.

I'm not used to not having energy.  Even when I'm tired I power through - I gain energy from doing what I love.

This time I couldn't power through.  I had to just let it be and accept that my body was telling me to rest.

That's the thing about our bodies - they know what they need, and if we don't listen, they will talk louder and louder until we have no choice but to listen.

You probably won't be surprised that I prefer the natural path when I'm sick too.  Lots of herbal tea, water, extra Vitamin C.  I even have this eucalyptus and seawater nasal spray to help clear the congestion!

So, my questions for you as we start this year:

  1. Is there somewhere in your life that you are not listening to something that you know you should be?
  2. Is your body telling you something that you have been ignoring?
  3. What is the next step you need to take that will shift the dial on a major project you want to get done this year?

Just a few things to think about as we come to the end of the first month of the year.