Money Management Assessment!

One-on-one session, plus access to BONUSES to help you unblock your money mindset, save you time, and work on where you can spend better and improve how you manage your money.


There is no time like NOW!

A simple truth about money is that - time can either work for you or against you

Avoiding looking at your money mindset and your money in general is not going to make things better.

Money also doesn't need to be complex.  There are some fundamentals that are really simple, and once you know those, you can experience more abundance and focus on doing the work you love to do!

Once you spend some time looking at where you can make changes, and then taking action, you can automate so many things, and then time will begin to work FOR you (through the beauty of compounding returns over time).

This is one-on-one single session to help you understand your relationship with money so that you can manage it better.

Fast track real change!

The fastest way to improve your finances is to have targeted, personalised help

Here is what you can expect to gain from your 60 minute session with me:

  • Identify and reframe your Money Beliefs and Habits
  • Clarify your Money Goals
  • Review how your finances are set up
  • Understand how your money is working (your income and your spending), to see where you can make improvements
  • List of actions you can start taking with ease.

Ultimately, these are all about creating a life that brings you happiness and joy, so you can passionately pursue the impact you want .

What is the Investment?

Spending even a short amount of time focusing on your money is valuable.  This session can help you find where to make more money in your business and how to better manage your spending in your business and personal life.

The investment is a one-off cost of $297.



(AUD, incl. GST)

  • 60 minute one-on-one consulting session to review your money management (either in person or via Zoom);
  • Access to my one of a kind Lifestyle Visioning meditation, to help you gain clarity and form a foundation for decision making;
  • A 30 day money mindset mini-program to inspire, inform and keep you motivated;
  • Clear Money Management Action Plan so you know what to do next.

About Alpha

Alpha started Money Made Simple to help women understand money – both how to better manage their mindset, and the mechanics of money.  She now works with women business owners to connect their business and personal cashflow (the actual money flowing in and out, not the accounting term), with mindset being an essential part as well.  As an ex-tax accountant with over 20 years’ experience in the finance and consulting industries, Alpha realised her passion for helping women build financial confidence and wealth to match the lifestyle they actually want.

As a speaker and consultant, Alpha demystifies the terminology and helps women understand money in a way that is simple and actually fun (yes, learning about money can be fun!).  Shifting mindset blocks in a way that actually is sustainable is also what Alpha focuses on.