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Raising Your Money Energy

Nov 29, 2023

Everything is energy.  Energy is neither good nor bad, it just "is".  The meaning we assign to the energy can be "positive" or "negative".  Money is very emotive, so the feelings we have are strong drivers for how money shows up in our life - personal and business.

Being "in flow" and at ease is something we don't often associate with money, yet it is possible.  To not "worry" or think about money on a daily basis, sounds wonderful, doesn't it?  Well, thinking about money doesn't have to be a bad or stressful thing.

After all, it is "just" a form of exchange.  OK, I realise it isn't that simple, and because money often dictates the lifestyle we lead, it is very important.

The strange thing is, the less desperately we focus on money, the easier it flows.

As humans, we tend to avoid the things we don't like, and hold on tightly to the things we think we want to control.  Money falls into both these ends of the spectrum.

Let's move more to the middle - where money is what it is - a form of exchange for products and services.  Plus, a way to fund the lifestyle we want.

Becoming clear on that lifestyle then becomes an important initial step.  Are you clear?

Gaining Clarity is Step 1 - clarify what personal and business lifestyle that you want.

Then comes aligning the goals, plans and actions that you take with that vision of your desired lifestyle.  Often, the actions we are taking (or procrastinating over) aren't aligned.

So, alignment then becomes Step 2.

Identifying and questioning your Beliefs and Stories come next, then moving onto challenging your languaging and assumptions.

You can probably see where I'm going with this, can't you?  The Mindset formation and habits that you have formed are a key component to the energy you give to money.

The tactical steps fall into place after that.

If you want to delve more into this, I have created a mini-program called "Elevate Your Money Vibration: 30 Daily Practices".

It starts on 2 January and is designed to help guide and support you to become clear and more aligned with what it is you want the coming year to bring, so you can actually head in the direction you want to go.

PLUS, you can create more abundance in the process.  This isn't about pure manifestation and affirmations, this is about leaning into the inner knowing that you already have, and building a bridge between that inner world, and the outer world that we live in.

Each day you will receive a 5 to 10 minute video, alongside a Playbook that will accompany the videos, and give you space for journalling.

I would love for you to be part of this, and because of that, I have made the price extremely affordable (it's almost pay what you want, but there is a minimum cost so you can show yourself some financial commitment).